What Are Internet Marketing Consultants and Chronistsempelis?

What is a marketing consultant?

marketing consultantChronistsempelis is an example of a marketing consultant who works independently to help different businesses in developing marketing plans and strategies. We shape these strategies according to the strength and resources of a business and as well as to its product and services. Marketing consultants can help in following ways:

•Marketing plan development
•Strategies for marketing mix and its implementation.

We also help in the execution of this plan and continuously change them according to the current situation of a business.
We are skilled and knowledgeable in arts, business, psychology, and communication. Most of us have a degree that’s related to business, marketing, and advertising. We are skilled in determining market opportunities, product development opportunities and diversification opportunities.

Different Specializations of Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants have different kinds of roles and specialization. It is important to hire a marketing consultant who specializes on the skills that are needed according to your business. The different specializations of marketing consultants are determined by different business’s areas and industries.

1.Branding consultants
Branding consultants specialize in the development of the company’s identity. This includes the development of the company’s tagline, logo, slogan, and positioning in the market.

2.Client acquisition consultants
These consultants specialize in attracting new markets.

3.Small business advisors
These consultants specialize in finding market opportunities and strategies of small businesses with limited resources.

4.Social media consultants
These consultants specialize in social media management. They help in setting and designing concepts of different social media. They also help in designing and writing blogs for web pages.

5.Internet marketing consultant
Chronistsempelis is an example of an internet marketing consultant. We are knowledgeable in search engine optimization (SEO) and in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We know how to utilize the different software and tools for business marketing online.

How to Choose Which Internet Marketing Consultant to Hire?

internet markting1.A marketing consultant should know how to utilize the social media.

He should be knowledgeable and comfortable in utilizing different social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. He should be able to use these for the effective promotion of your business.

2.He must have enough experiences.

He must have a good portfolio to show you. He must be proud to tell you to whom he had worked before, and how many years he had worked there, and how many years he have been working as an internet marketing consultant.

3.He knows how to do his job based on your business needs.

He knows how to use his skill based on the needs of your business. He must be able to explain to you about the techniques that they will be using in promoting your website online.

4.He can explain his prize.

He knows how to give a reasonable prize. He knows how to openly explain his prize to you.

An Example of an Internet Marketing Consultant

The Chronistsempelis has been working as an internet marketing consultant for the past 10 years. We have experiences in internet marketing, web development, and SEO. In the last 6 years, we have been spending minimum of 10 hours daily to sharpen our abilities. We have been creating our own marketing formula for several years until we have finally achieved our first page Google rankings by using some of the competitive keywords on the internet.

The following are just some of the specific areas of our specialization.

•Google Tools
•Content Writing
•Web Analytics
•Reputation Management
•Affiliate Recruitment
•Web Development
•Reputation Management
•Social Media Optimization
•Hosting Management
•Server Management
•Search Engine Optimization

Just like some internet marketing consultants, Chronistsempelis is offering its services at a reasonable prize. We are offering our first 10 hours for $195 per month, and $145 for more than 11 hours per month. We also provide our customers with free initial consultation, that can help our clients to decide if they want our services or not. This free initial consultation is up to the first 30 minutes in the first call.

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Factors to Consider in Purchasing Golf Bags

Purchasing bags for golf needs an overview of the different types of bags, their styles, features and prices.

The following are some of the important factors to consider in buying golf bags.

1. Know the different types of golf bag

Bags used in playing golf are designed for organizing and transporting golf clubs. Primarily, there are three types of bags: stand-up bags, staff bags, and cart bags.

Stand-up bags feature two stand-alone legs that spring out when placed on the ground. When choosing this type of bag, it is important to check the stand stability to avoid falling over during windy season. The benefit of the stand bag is that golfer doesn’t need to purchase a stand to uprightly hold the bag.

Golf BagsCart bags are suitable to golfers who always use golf cart whenever they play golf. They are smaller than any other kinds of golf bag, making them lighter. These bags approximately weigh on the average of 6 to 7 pounds. Cart bags also work more effectively either in motorized cart or pull cart. This type of golf bag also features a rubber base to keep it from slipping off the cart.

Staff bags work best to golfers who need an extra space for the extra accessories and a complete fourteen clubs set. These bags feature a lot of space for storage. The caddy often holds the golfer staff bags.

2. Kinds of bag pockets

There are different kinds of pockets in a golf bag. Most golf bags have lots of accessory pockets. Golf accessories like tees and balls are all kept in this type of pocket. Accessory pockets are golf bags’ standard pockets.

Valuable pockets are golf pockets that keep precious items like cellphones, and wallets. These pockets feature a soft fur and a lining of fleece, keeping the valuable things away from the golf accessories’ abrasive edges.

There are also pockets featuring a waterproof zipper and a lining, which is also water-resistant. These pockets are called rain pockets. These pockets keep the important items safe from the wet weather condition.

Pockets that act like a thermos flask are called thermal pockets. They are designed to keep things cold and hot. They maintain the coolness of foods during summer and maintain them warm during winter or cold season. These types of pockets have specialized reflective lining that offer these unique functions.

3. Considering the number of dividers

Dividers in golf bags provide the place in separating the clubs from the other golf equipment to avoid them from rattling while on travel. Golf bag manufacturers have developed systems for club storage to help golfers organize their clubs in the respective area bases.

Golf BagFull-length dividers, as the name suggest, organize golf clubs in one length of the bag. These make them easier for the golfer to pull bags and at the same time, they can concentrate on playing the shot.

4. Weight of golf bag

Weight is one of the most important factors in purchasing bags. Lightweight golf bag helps golfer minimize fatigue, which may improve his performance. Bags weighing under five pounds categorized into lightweight bags.

5. Considering the price of golf bag

The price of the golf bag depends on its quality as well as its additional features. High quality bags are made up of high quality materials such as durable seams and zips and efficient straps. Usually, bag prices range from $75 to $500.

In purchasing bags for golf, a player should think of the right steps to ensure the safety and product quality. The ability to check details of the bags and information of the sellers are important in purchasing the best golf bag.

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How Motivational Speakers Achieve Success

Being a motivational speaker involves both talent and experience. An individual who wants to start a career in this field may sometimes benefit from a specific training or education. But the most important part to becoming one of the many successful motivational speakers is having a passion for this job. The following tips and strategies will help you hone your skills towards becoming a good motivational speaker.

Know What Topic to Deliver

Motivational speakers always have something special to talk about. Their topics are typically based from their personal experiences. Sharing stories and lessons derived from ones’ personal experiences are realistic and convincing, making people easily relate to them.

The greatest speakers usually talk about how to become successful, happy, and fulfilled, or possibly share stories about positive personal growth. Some discuss about family relationships, overcoming addiction, or handling racial issues. The stories they share easily inspires people to start something good to improve themselves.

In deciding on a topic to be delivered, you must first think of what is important to you that could also be of significance to your audience. The subject must really be something you care about so that you can speak from the heart. This topic should have a strong impact on your life that you see the need to share it with others.

Successful motivational speakers make sure that the subjects of their talks are relevant and timely. Most importantly, they always see to it that their audience will benefit from their messages. They do this by evaluating the topic first to determine if the lesson it brings could be used to help others.

Know your Audience

MotivationBefore getting further into your motivational speaking career and writing your inspirational speeches, you must first decide what your target audience is. It is very essential to understand the people you want to share your experiences with because different groups of people have different interests. Each group of people will also have to be communicated in a specific way. Knowing your audiences well will make your speeches more specific and relevant.

Improve your Public Speaking Skills

Another key to becoming a successful motivational speaker is being a great public speaker. Famous motivational speakers not only have the best stories and lessons to share, they also started by working hard mastering their public speaking skills.

One way to improve your speaking skill is by taking classes in public speaking. There are a lot of colleges offering public speaking courses that will help you polish your skills. These courses will also hone you to become more comfortable talking to large groups.

Video recording your speeches is another practical way to advance your skill. This method gives you the opportunity to watch and evaluate yourself. It also allows you to make necessary improvements in some important details like establishing eye contact, using proper body languages, and intonation. Make essential adjustments on your speech so that you will sound natural and convincing.

Using props or equipment may also help you improve your speech. Most speakers nowadays make use of large screens and PowerPoint presentations which provide additional support during their talks. These tools also make their audiences’ attention more engaged.

Find the Right Venue

A great venue is where the motivational speaker could easily establish a better connection with his audience. In choosing a venue, you should make sure that it will accommodate the audience size. As a motivational speaker, you should also consider the comfort of your audiences. The venue should bring a feeling of intimacy, but not to the extent that individuals no longer enjoy their personal space.

Sell your Skills

At the beginning of your career, you will have to deal with tough competition. Since many others are already known and successful, you may have to make some sacrifices and develop an effective marketing plan. Start by advertising your motivational speeches online or through word of mouth. You could also sell tickets at a very affordable price or even speak for free. You should showcase the best of your skills until you build your brand in order to start paying for your motivational speeches.

Sign up with speakers bureaus and contact non-governmental organizations who may be looking for motivational speakers. Let organizations know that your services are available for conventions, conferences, and seminars.

Listen to Audience’s Feedback

To become a good motivational speaker, it is also important that you listen to your audience. Let people know that you are open for their feedbacks. You may want to start a simple poll to receive messages from people. From these feedbacks, start modifying and improving yourself. Learning from your audiences will surely make you one of the highly successful speakers around the globe.

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Motivational speakers who have the talent, background, experience and versatility to truly be a perfect fit for many different types of industries and organizations.Keynote speaker understand that your reputation is riding on their performance.
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Challenge Coins in the Military

It’s not unusual for a person to be unfamiliar when it comes to challenge coins. After all, you can’t just see one of these coins as frequent as your regular mediums of exchange. The use of these coins has become very prevalent in various arenas, but they are more popularly known as tokens of recognition within the military.

It has been a tradition for officers within the United States Armed Forces to carry these challenge coins wherever they may go. These coins are symbolic of the unit’s identity, as well as the brotherhood that is practiced within the organization. Coins may vary in design, although most of them hold the organization’s insignia placed in the center of the coin, while its motto is often engraved surrounding the logo. While the coin is usually awarded to one with exemplary performance, it may also be traded or be part of one’s collection.

Difchallenge coinsferent people from different cultures may have varying ideas about where exactly challenge coins came from. One may say the concept of these coins started fifty years ago, while another may claim of its origin dating back since the past century. However, one of the most impressive stories is that of an American pilot who was captured by the Germans.

As he was flying across Germany’s borders, he was shot down and held captive. The pilot remained incarcerated in one of the German’s detention facilities. But somehow, he managed to escape when the British forces attacked. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any of his stuff, aside from his small pouch which contained the distinct coin that had been issued to him by the US military.

Trying to make his way back, he stepped on French territory, where he was confronted and detained given the possibility of him being a member of the opposition. With the French government thinking he’s a German spy, he was brought to execution. However, desperate to live, the pilot tried to convince them that he’s not a spy, but rather part of the allied forces, through showing the medallion given to him by his lieutenant that he’d been keeping in his pouch.

The officer whom he presented the coin to recognized the insignia of the American Unit, as well as other marks of identification, on the medallion. After his identity being validated, the execution was ceased. This is how the legend of the pilot being saved by his challenge coin from absolute death came to be.

Nowadays, it’s not just being part of the military that challenge coins represent. A lot of active members, along with civilian and retired personnel, trade these coins with each other. It’s become a custom for people to present these coins to special guests and dignitaries to certain places to show respect and as a welcoming gesture.

Several presidents of the United States have minted such coins that are to be presented to guests of the White House, as well as foreign country diplomats. This tradition has extended to various other countries around the globe, including Australia, Canada, and Switzerland.

As the years have gone, military coins held designs that are much more intricate and colorful. The new designs are possible due to how advanced today’s manufacturing techniques had become. In the past, you can see challenge coins being created from the basic die struck of brass make, having an emblem and text that’s barely discernible. Today, manufacturers have taken advantage of what technology has to offer, where images can even be created to look three-dimensional, which has a lot more detail that can even match the pictures you can find on your regular dollar bill.


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Benefits and Tips of Getting the Best Custom Rubber Bracelets

Custom rubber bracelets have been hitting the market hard over the years. Coupled with the fun designs that they come with, these rubber bracelets are effective in conveying a message to the public or to any specific target audience. Over time, they have proven their worth in advertising products or services, in promoting movements, in commemorating events, in conducting charity events, and so many more. You are reading this article; chances are you are participating in an activity that badly needs the magic that these rubber bracelets offer. There are things that you need to know about customized rubber bracelets and we have them here in this article just for you.

Benefits of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Effective in Promoting Any Message – Utilizing custom rubber band is very effective in conveying any message that you have to convey. They are easy to give out and your audience will surely enjoy them. Rubber bands are also more useful in comparison to leaflets or pieces of papers containing information and all sorts of messages. People who receive them will think twice of disregarding them or throwing them away.

Durable – Your message is less likely to fade away that easily because of the durability of these rubber bands. They can last so long that the message they bring will surely be instilled in your target audience. Another great thing about them is that they are washable.

Custom rubber braceletsCreative – One thing that you have to consider in trying to express a message or an idea is how you would do it with creativity. The success of your campaign will depend largely on how creative, resourceful, and attractive your ways are. In using custom rubber bracelets, you will surely perfect this department. You can choose to do whatever you want with your bracelets. You are presented with seemingly unlimited options on their design and content.

How exactly can you obtain the best custom rubber bracelets perfect for your event?

The answer is simple. There are many establishments right now that are creating and manufacturing rubber bracelets. They offer lots of services such as giving you an option to customize them according to your taste and preferences. This makes these bracelets work in conveying a message; through their creative designs, people’s attention is drawn towards heeding what you are trying to say. You may be worrying where you can find these companies that offer such services. There is no need to worry. You can find them anywhere. In fact, you can gain access to them even by just staying at home. Because the internet has been a great way to market products and services, many of these establishments have put up online stores so that they can reach their clients and customers whenever and wherever they are.

Why is Best to Purchase Customized Rubber Bracelets Online?

Convenience – It is very convenient to shop for custom rubber bracelets online because you can choose from the wide selection they made available in their websites, regardless of wherever you are. Even in wee hours, these websites will surely respond to your needs because they work round the clock

High Quality – Another great thing about purchasing rubber bracelets online is that the quality is guaranteed to meet your expectations. You may be wondering how exactly these rubber bands are made. Companies that manufacture and customize these rubber bands ensure that they use only high-quality equipment. They make use of laser machines to engrave your desired message, image, or quote on the silicone wristbands and they make sure that they produce only the best customized rubber bracelets. They also see to it that they strictly follow your specifications.

On-time Delivery and Free Shipping – These online stores make sure that your campaign event or activity will not happen without your customized rubber bracelets. They make sure that they deliver the items to you on time, and they can also offer you free shipping deals that you will surely enjoy.

How will you know if you can trust the online store that you have found?

It is also important that you entrust the job only to the right people. That’s why you have to do your own research. There are lots custom rubber bracelet reviews that you can find in the internet. Search for them to find out if your prospect online store has a spotless record when it comes to serving its customers. You may want to check whether there have been issues that the store faced before when it comes to delivery time, or maybe some past costumers were not satisfied with the products because they don’t coincide with the high-quality ones that they promised.

If it is possible, you can ask them for references. This way, you can ask someone who tried working with them yourself. These are very important things that you may have to consider, especially if you’re holding a big event. Remember that you don’t want to regret in the end. It would be a waste of time, effort, and money. Prior to deciding on hiring the store’s services, make sure that you are aware of their past transactions.


The-Wristband-Factory.com, is a hub of  Custom rubber bracelets and design.

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How to Choose a Funeral Home

To choose a funeral home to assist you in the preparations of the service should not be difficult. You just need to determine what kind of funeral home can meet your needs. The choice should also be a family matter.

The funeral homes of your choice should be the kind that can address your needs: emotional, legalities, preparations, and other related services.

1. Ask for recommendations from friends and relatives

They might have had the opportunity to hire the services of a memorial home. Ask how they might rate the service. You may also have attended an interment service. You should be able to judge whether you liked how they handled the service. There are many memorial homes that have websites that you can check as well. From that avenue, judge whether you feel at ease with them then set a meeting. Do not feel as if you are supposed to hire the services of the first home you talk to. You are free to choose.

2. Years of experience

Funeral HomesThe memorial home should have long years of experience to know, by instinct, what the needs of the mourners are. But do not be averse to new memorial homes; consider the services that they offer as well. Track record should speak for them. What good is a very lengthy experience but very bad reviews? Consider both old and new homes.

3. The staff plays an important role in planning for the service

This also extends to carrying out a service with meaning. Do a quick evaluation of the staff when you meet with them. See if you feel at ease talking to them about your preferences. They should be able to offer different options to suit your ideas. If you have preferences regarding religious beliefs, they should also be able to address that. It is important that they also know how to talk to someone whose loved one had just died.

4. What are the services that they offer?

Do they offer different kinds of services? Can they give you background regarding things you do not understand?

5. Consider your budget

Do they have flexibility in adjusting their services versus your budget? Do they offer plans to make payments easy for you? Do they offer financial assistance? There are memorial homes that will readily make adjustments in their services to fit your set budget.

6. Legal documents

It is hard to be in mourning and at the same time making arrangements to procure documents such as the death certificate and all papers related to that. Look for the one who offers assistance regarding that.

7. Location

Look for the one that is within a 4-mile radius. This should also be accessible to cars or by foot

8. Do an ocular inspection of the memorial home

Does it have the atmosphere that you want for the funeral? Do the surroundings make it viable for reflection and sharing of grief? Be sure that the location is far from distractions of noise or traffic of people.

9. Other related services like advice on benefits should also factor on your decision

They should be able to give advice on Social Security Benefits, Veteran’s Benefits, and even Estate Settlement. Search for the one that can also offer advice on these matters.

Choosing the right memorial home is important. The choice carries the promise of the most meaningful funeral service. They should be able to put across that they understand the importance of all rituals. The home should also convey their willingness to help the family go through their grieving process. They should be a place of comfort and a source of solace. And this is what it’s all about.

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Testing the Resistor and Capacitor of Your Printed Circuit Board

There are a myriad of components that you could find inside a printed circuit board. For your PCB to do what they’re meant to, you have to be very attentive with the proper function of each of the components. Even if it’s just a single component that is not working properly, you could easily find your electronic device misbehaving. So before you work on your printed circuit board assembly, you need to know how you’d be testing its components.

The most significant parts of every PCB include the resistor. This is the component that has a pair of terminals for delivering electric current for producing voltage. If you want to test this component, you will need an ohmmeter. The first thing you need to do is isolate the resistor. This will allow you to get the results of the test accurately, without any signal intervention from the other PCB components. Most people would use digital multimeters for testing instead of analog meters, which provide rather less accurate results. It’s advisable that you only use any multimeter having 0.6 volts of output value or less. This will keep the other resistors surrounding it away from accidental conduct. In the case of parallel resistors, you may want to expect less accurate test results.

It’s best that you establish what the resistor’s accurate reading should be before you test your resistor. After you’re done with this step, you could then connect your multimeter test leads to your resistor to start running the test. Should the results you attain become too high, there is a possibility of a resistor either being open or acquiring higher value. In some cases, other components may be responsible for making the reading lower. This only means that higher values are indicative of a potential issue.

The capacitor is a device that serves as storage for the electrostatic field. Capacitors primarily consist of insulating materials positioned between a pair of conductive plates. In a printed circuit board, the capacitor is responsible for creating blockages to a direct current flow while enabling an indirect current flow. Whenever the capacitor receives DV voltage, electric charges are kept by every conductive plate. As the current flows, the capacitor stores energy. As soon as there is enough energy stored by the capacitor, the current will stop from flowing.

Printed circuit boardThe type of the capacitor is typically indicated by the material used for insulation, which may be in the form of silver mica, ceramic, or polycarbonate. The board usually creates the capacitor, which, in order to be stable, should have metal conductive regions of alternating layers.

Testing the capacitor of a printed circuit board requires an end of this component being removed from its circuit. The capacitor’s range should be equivalent to the DC voltage power supply. This prevents the device from overloading. There are several outcomes you can attain upon the application of voltage. The meter would reflect the power supply’s output voltage should the capacitor become shorted. The reading will become high and eventually drop if leaking occurs in your capacitor, though the value should not reach zero. In the case that there is no significant change registered on the meter, there are two possibilities: capacitance is extremely low to have a result, or your capacitor is open.

There will be a lot of instances where a circuit board is made with a mistake or two. In certain cases, you may see one or more components being soldered in an incorrect position or backwards. You should, however, be able to troubleshoot the resistors and capacitors of your printed circuit board with the help of the tips mentioned above.

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High quality Printed Circuit Board fabrication and assembly. We ship PCB Prototypes the Same Day! From prototype to production of single, double, and multilayer PC Boards.
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How Live Chat Service Software Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

Getting connected with your customers is an important aspect of operating a service or a product oriented business. A simple way to do this is through live chat service – a very effective and most of the time an undervalued resource.

shopIf utilized properly as part of your overall customer service plan, live chat software has the capability to improve conversion rates by providing customers direct access to a live support agent while they are still on your site. But if you are only thinking of adding only an online icon and simply wait for the orders to pour in, you will be disappointed.

If you want to use the live chat software to the fullest, there are certain rules that you need to keep in mind so you can improve your business conversion rates. Here’s what to focus for, and how to ensure you are utilizing your live chat software to the fullest.

Powerful Analytics

The best live chat service includes intelligent analytics that can be influenced to learn which pages consumers are visiting, how long they are staying on that particular page, and how they landed there. Normal analytics packages can perform this as well, but, live chat analytics have one vital advantage – they provide the best opportunity for the support representative to initiate a live chat session.

shoppingMost of the time when a customer is making a purchase, the customer needs to think about it carefully. They may need to compare the prices and the models to determine if they are getting the best deal. They might sign out of your website and may come back to the site several times before making a purchase.

Through these, both the live chat customer support and the analytics can identify consumers who have been comparing various brands or who have spent a longer time on particular pages. By sending an invitation to see if the consumer has any inquiries, sales representatives can provide the answers and close a sale. Definitely, live chat service can boost your profit. Also, customer support monitors the effectiveness of the live chat software by matching chat logs manually to every customer’s order.

Increases Average Order Value

direct shopOne of the biggest company Virgin Airlines, use live chat not to sell tickets, but instead uses it to upsell customers. Users who visit their sites are in the process of buying tickets, so they don’t need to be convinced. But by upselling them through live chat as they complete their purchase, Virgin has made an enviable conversion rate.

Additional order value from consumers who use the live chat service is around fifteen percent as compared to those who don’t. Also, consumers who join in live chat tend to convert 3.5 times as often as those who don’t. Live chat is more affordable as compared to emails and phone calls as one live chat representative can basically do the work of 15 customer specialists who are taking calls and emails.

The lesson here is that live chat does not have to be about giving support and providing answers to questions. If employed strategically, it can likewise be used to upsell a conversion, or, if the customer is doubtful to move ahead, down-sell with a lite option.

Intelligent Page Tracking

The best live chat service should be able to answer all the consumer questions; it does not matter what page they are on your website and how long they have been there. Some chat service can be accessed only on a particular page. Thus, consumers need to navigate back to that page and it might only waste their time and might compel them to navigate away from your site.

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